KB Speaks

KB Speaks

KB Speaks is the webmaster and editor in chief of America Speaks Ink. She has been a professional ghostwriter for online website content with nearly 20 years of publishing experience in both mainstream and erotica. In the printed media area, she has worked hand-in-hand with book publishers from Christian book publishing to secular publishing companies.

KB spent most of her life in the adult industry and started off being one of the original pioneers of online porn. She has had a long career of writing erotica and has worked with adult content in America, Australia, Germany, Spain, and Russia. She began with working in the adult BBS, (Bulletin Board System) world by creating adult-related ASCII and ANSI art. She then started a web hosting and design company in the early days of the internet that designed members only websites for all the cravings the world had in sex. In the early days of the World Wide Web during mid-1990s to early 2000s, if you were viewing fetish porn on a computer in some way, there was a good chance she probably owned, created, wrote the erotica for or had something to do with what you were viewing.

She was the Queen of Micro-Niche Fetishes and tailor-made websites with some of the most fringe tastes in the human sexual palate. She was one of the first ones to create many genres of fetish websites and bring them online to the general masses and she was in her glory. She brought many unknown fetishes and kinks out of the message boards and out of privately owned web pages (remember GeoCities?) and brought them into the mainstream. Some of her most notable accomplishments in the adult arena had to do with fetishes that included balloons, food, wet and messy and plushies. Her insight into micro-niches and ability to learn about different fetishes gave her an identity in the online adult community. She brought many flavors of sexual desires mainstream and available to anyone on the web.

As a wife, mother, and RepublIndependiCrat, she contributes blogs of her own covering varying subjects. She is the gatekeeper for America Speaks Ink and takes no crap from anyone.

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