K. Waters

I am a mother of four and am in my late forties. I see things from a very different point of view than most people and I have been known to be like a mother bear with her cubs when I become passionate about a story, opinion or subject. I love to learn and often set out seeking information to fill my idle curiosity about anything and everything.

My upbringing, as unorthodox as it was, has taught me to look past the walls and roadblocks of life and see what really makes things tick. See the average and seek out the interesting. Speak my mind, and let the chips fall where they may. Never be afraid to ask a question and always try to find the truth.

In my spare time, I love to seek out things like UFO’s and is there other life in the Universe. Whose theory of how life began is really the truth? Quantum physics is by far a fascination of endless proportions.

Although I did not set out in life to be a writer, I have always had a need to write, a passion to state my opinions and I am working towards writing books that deal with true accounts of different aspects and avenues in life, from an average boy who grew up in the London blitz to life on the streets. The average person holds a treasure trove of stories that they do not even realize how valuable their experiences could be for a reader.

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