Yellowstone Season Premiere Disappointing

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After a long-anticipated return, the season premiere of Yellowstone was a disappointment. The first ten to twelve minutes were riveting and amazing. Then, the show became boring. I love the show. I love the actors but the writers are starting to slip. After the incredible beginning of this season, the writers started to lay out a plot for a new season that was disconnected from the storylines on a grand scale.

It was almost like new writers were doing this. A few storylines did not make any sense. Last season the ranch had barely enough money to keep going and all of a sudden they have all this money to completely change the nature of the ranch. There was no explanation why would the family after all they had been through have money to expand the ranch.

Also, the favorite villains were written out of the show for some crazy reason, only to introduce some old lady that is supposed to scare us or something. I do not want to pick on the show. However, my biggest complaint was the fact that once the show got going they bored me to death. This might be another example of a popular show just losing itself as time goes by. I hope not.

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