Fox News Switches Trials As They Become The Focus

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I was stunned that Fox News in the middle of the deliberations of the jury switched to some trial nobody was watching. Why? Well, I can tell you that I have been following the Kyle Rittenhouse trial on Fox. It was hard to do there, and I had to go online to hear it uninterrupted because the hosts think it is ok to talk over everything. You know, they are more important than the event they are covering.

I am watching this trial and all of a sudden Fox switched to a trial they had not been covering. The Ahmaud Arbery’s killing trial was not being covered by Fox and they went to it at the end. So why? Why the switch? Well, the part Fox did not cover was the part of the trial that focused on Fox News and Tucker Carlson and the network buying a video that was the central focus of the jury deliberation. Why would fox News do that? Pretty shady…

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