Democrats Give Reparations To Illegal Aliens Not Blacks

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In a giant slap to the face of African Americans, Democrats are working on giving reparations to recent illegal aliens. Can you believe that? Four hundred years of slavery is not enough for Democrats, they want to pay people that just illegally crossed the southern border in the last year or two. They are working on giving these folks four-hundred and fifty dollars apiece, or nearly a million dollars a couple. I know it sounds nuts, but it is true.

If one single black American ever votes for a Democrat ever again, then they deserve all that happens to them. The Republicans are gonna try to stop this madness, maybe the black community should help with this effort? If this is not a wake-up call to blacks that keep voting Democrat, then nothing will ever be. The Democrats care more about people that do not even belong here or have no connection to our nation in any way, than they do about black Americans. These people coming across our southern border illegally do not deserve a single red cent for breaking our laws.

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