Can You Believe What A Terrible President Biden Is

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I knew it was going to be bad. I thought when they said Joe was going to be the next president that at least a new generation of people will see the failures of Democrats. Part of me just wanted to show younger folks how the Democrats cannot govern. However, not even I could have believed how bad it would be. The left has screwed up everything they have touched and sent America down a hole that will take time to crawl out of.

Who would have thought stadiums full of people would be chanting F-Joe Biden? Who could have foreseen “Let’s go Brandon” taking off the way it did? Biden is such a horrible president that even his own party does not want to run him again for president. This man messed up the economy so badly that they actually ruined Christmas. Yes, it is that bad, the man screwed up Christmas. The Democrats ruined Christmas and they do not even give a damn.

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