Does Joe Biden Embrace Hunter’s Stripper Baby

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Lunden Roberts is a woman who gave birth to Hunter Biden’s daughter Navy Joan Roberts in August of 2018. Roberts was a stripper that at one point Hunter claimed he did not remember her. According to the NY Post, Lunden was on Hunter’s consulting firm’s payroll during her pregnancy, text messages retrieved from his laptop reveal.

Also, Hunter Biden made sure Roberts was booted off the company insurance plan months after she gave birth, according to the texts on Hunter’s laptop. My question is this, does Joe acknowledge this granddaughter, and is she a part of the Biden family now? Is Joe being a good grandpa or does he shun this child?

I always laugh when I hear Joe say, “I give you my word as a Biden” as if that meant anything. The family is beyond corrupt, and the word of a Biden is at best worthless. Many of the Biden family are currently under investigation. Yet the old man says that a lot. Well, Joe is your granddaughter Navy part of the Biden family or not?

Has grandpa brought his grandchild to the White House? Does the Biden family embrace this child of God? Is the child’s welfare taken care of by the Biden family? So, Joe, give us your word as a Biden, are you being a good grandpa? Have you met her? If not, why? Is it because the mother was a stripper?

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