Can America Survive Biden Presidency

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When any party happens to control the government, the other side always asks, can we survive this? I always view that as partisan hyperbole regardless of what side is saying it. I heard that over and over about Trump, Obama, or Bush. However, for the first time in my life, I am asking myself this question. Joe Biden has caused so much damage to this nation in such a short period of time that I am concerned for America and its future. It hasn’t been a year yet and everything is falling apart. The man is a menace. Joe is the worst president of my lifetime, and it is worse than I ever could have imagined.

Joe refuses to defend our national security. Whether it be leaving behind Americans and billions of dollars of our military equipment to the Taliban, or allowing criminals, drugs, drug dealers, and human trafficking over our southern border, Biden is hurting our security. Just look at all the COVID-19 virus he is allowing in through the border and how he seeds the virus across America by shipping these people to neighborhoods all our nation. We will never get a handle on this pandemic while the so-called president spreads disease all over the place.

Joe Biden’s destruction of our economy has been fast and furious. Inflation is eating us alive. Joe ended our energy independence and declared war on oil and gas. Every decision he makes regarding the economy is detrimental to America. All of this just seems planned to me. It feels like none of this is incompetence but rather his plan. Every single Trump policy that was working for America he pulled down. Our supply chains are being ignored by the White House. Democrats not only sit back silent, but they are also actively trying to facilitate this madness. If you wanted to destroy America, this would be how you would do it.

The man has no regard whatsoever for taxpayer money. He left tens of billions of dollars worth of military equipment that we all paid for in Afghanistan. Why on Earth did we rebuild the military if Joe was going to just hand it over to the Taliban? Look at the image of all that steel fencing that Biden just abandons by ending the construction of the border wall. There is a hundred billion dollars worth of fencing, all paid for already, just sitting there in the sun rusting. He does not care about our money. This horrible human being we call president is currently trying to jam through trillions of dollars of Democrat lunacy. I am asking, can America survive the Joe Biden presidency?

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