What Is Wrong With People Who Vote Democrat

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You must ask the question what the hell is wrong with any person that would vote Democrat. Do they suffer from some brain disease? Is this brain affliction contagious? Why on Earth would somebody vote for Democrats? We need to study this and follow the science; something is wrong here. Democrats are incapable of governing. Everything the Democrats touch turns to crap. Every city, state, and country they run goes to hell. So why would any Americans vote for these losers? They are voting against their own self-interest. They are voting for failure. You got to ask yourself, what is wrong with these people.

Afghanistan, the southern border, inflation, and the virus, you can go on and on pointing to examples of their giant failures, so why are anyone voting for this? Everything is going to shit and not a single good thing is happening under their watch. We have to blame the people that keep voting for all of this, they are to blame. Democrat voters are to blame for everything that is falling apart and all the loss of freedoms that comes with Democrats in charge. Democrats are using COVID-19 to blast us with a tyrannical-style government that is oppressing all of us in their wake. Why would someone vote for any of this madness?

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