We Have To Say The Truth: They Died In Vain

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Another thirteen soles were sent on their way to the afterlife via Afghanistan. It is incredible if you think about it. We must go get these people who were left behind. We do not need the United States Government to do it. They are the problem; we just must go get them. How is that possible? Why, have we, the people, allowed this for so long? Have we lost our collective minds? What did we get from this? Nothing, that is what we got. What the hell are we doing with our blood and treasure? We are wasting it. How much is enough? Nobody is even admitting this was all in vain. How did it come to this? How?

Nobody wants to believe that all these Americans died in vain, but they did. It is hard to say out loud, but they did die for nothing. I understand the pain of death and trying to put meaning to it, but not here. Our countrymen did die in vain. I have heard every single argument that claims our people did not die in vain in Afghanistan, but they did. It is a freaking heartbreak, but we must face it. We can’t fool ourselves; this was all for nothing. It is so hard to face that, but it is true, it was in vain.

For twenty years we were lied to and mislead. Our government did some shady crap here and they did it in our name. People around the world are not mad at Nancy Pelosi or Mitch McConnel, but they are extremely mad at “America” and that is how they see it. Biden destroyed our standing in the free world. The blame runs across Democrats and Republican administrations alike, but Biden owns this latest crap. There are twenty years to blame for all this death and destruction.

There is lots of blame to go around. Twenty years of this failure is there for the whole world to see. There is no hiding from any of this. Joe Biden made America feel soul-crushing shame. We are embarrassed. We do not know what to say to our friends across the pond. We just want to have a pint with them and maybe some fish and chips. However, they do not want to break bread with us now. We are going to need some time away from each other. We screwed up.

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