Thank You Texas: Women Killing Babies Is Bad

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Women should not have the legal right to kill babies, full stop. Abortion is terrible, full stop. Some women claim that it is their body and their choice. Of course, we have seen that my body, my choice scenario eviscerated by the same people calling for mandatory COVID-19 vaccines. The hypocrisy certainly thunders with so-called pro-choice people. But forget about that, the leftist swims in an ocean of daily hypocrisy. It is part of their DNA.

These are not good people. Case and point, they feel they have the right to kill babies. It is legal in America to kill babies if you are a woman carrying one. We all know how that came about, we certainly did not vote for that, it was imposed by the Supreme Court. Lots of things have been imposed by those nine boozes in a black robe. Many of which had hurt Americans in countless ways. Roe vs. Wade was a huge mistake for the high court. So was their ruling on eminent domain and so much more.

However, we are talking about abortions here, we are talking about the fact that it is legal to kill a baby for some Americans. Where is my cut out in the law to legally kill someone? Maybe I want to kill the mailman? Maybe I want to kill Banksters? But I do not have the right to do that in the law. Why do irresponsible women get that right? I believe that women have a choice with their bodies. But I believe that choice and where the point of that choice lays is when they open their legs. If a woman has unprotected sex and gets impregnated, she should have to take that baby to term and give up for adoption to people that need infant children.

Now I am not a barbarian, and I can agree to exceptions. Most abortions are out of convenience. The women get pregnant, and it is just not convenient for her to have a baby and she kills it. That my friends are pure evil. I can except craving out where that would be legal. Let’s talk about those exceptions. The mother’s life is in jeopardy, rape, incest, and if the baby is severely screwed up in the womb. All of that is reasonable. What is not reasonable is that is not why 99% of abortions in America take place. American women think that they have the right to kill babies if it is not convenient. That must end, and Texas brought us closer.

In my family, a woman that my brother was with, got pregnant. She went around from house to house in my family announcing her pregnancy to everyone from New York to Florida, getting everyone all excited. Then two weeks later she told my brother that she was terminating the pregnancy. We told her that our entire family will take the baby. My brother and my family would raise the baby if she did not want it. That was going to be my nephew or niece. The baby would be my mother and father’s grandchild. Yet, the law gave us no standing to save our family member from death. The law let her kill that kid and she did it. The law must change, full stop.

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