I Found The Metal Hall Of Fame

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I had no idea there was a Metal Hall of Fame when it came to Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music. I was so happy to come across this. Apparently, it is only five years old and the last two years of the virus screwed it all up. However, I am so grateful that it exists, that they are building this.

I watched the 2021 induction show and I was in tears loving so much of it. This is my music. This is my love. This kind of music touches my very soul. It came to me as a young boy, but it never left me. Today, I am a huge fan of this music and I follow my favorite band Triumph from Canada.

Triumph was being inducted and that is how I found out about the Metal Hall of Fame. I love this music so much that I published a book about it. When writing that book, I spent half the time in tears as the memories came flooding back. No other book I wrote had that effect on me. I am so glad all these bands are getting their due.

I am gonna go through the archives and see the four other induction ceremonies and watch what I missed. Then, I will never miss this show for the rest of my life. These bands earned this. This genre deserves this recognition. These artists are poets, songwriters, and master musicians and now they have a home.

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