Democrats Do Not Need A Single Republican To Keep Government Open

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Do not fall for any Democrat spin, they do not need a single vote from the Republicans to keep the government running. Anything that is said short of that, is false. The Democrats control The House of Representatives, The Senate, and The White House, they do not need a single vote from the right. This is a test. The Republicans are going to show you whether or not the Democrats can govern. This is a test, when they go around saying that the Republicans are playing games with the full faith and credit of the United States, you will know that is a lie. Why? Because they do not need a single vote from the right to extend the debt limit, not one. The right is going to show the nation the disfunction of the left. They will show the left cannot govern; they cannot get things done. This is what is about to happen folks. Can the Democrats govern a nation when they are in full control of the entire government? That is what we are all gonna see. This is a test.

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