Anthony Joshua Was A Paper Champion

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I never believed in Anthony Joshua. He was a paper champion. Sure, on paper he checked all the boxes, but there was something more to look at. For me, the guy was always lacking something that a real heavyweight champion has. AJ did not have that meanness that is needed to hold on to that title.

Anthony Joshua was too nice of a guy to hold on to those belts. You must be a mean SOB to stay the Heavyweight Champion of The World. AJ was just too nice of a guy for a job like that. He just lost everything to basically a cruiserweight. The last time he lost the belts was to a fat dude who thought he was a Mexican even though he was born and raised in California.

AJ held on to those belts way too long. He held on to the title by carefully picking his opponents. Just one example of that, AJ spent years avoiding Luis “King Kong” Ortiz. He would never fight that man. Joshua had good reason to have never gotten in the ring with King Kong, he could not beat him. Anthony knew that and he ducked Ortiz.

The entire reign of Anthony Joshua was a fraud. Unlike Rocky in Rocky 3 where he told Mick that you have been carrying me, AJ knew and was the one carrying himself. The whole thing was orchestrated and staged. People fell for it, entire stadiums were filled over it, but it was never real. It was not going to last forever. AJ was simply not the man others thought he was. I saw it from the very beginning, and I want my credit.

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