Where Is The Commission For BLM & Antifa

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The Democrat-controlled government hunts MAGA and ignores BLM and Antifa. That is just one of the reasons no real Republican would participate in this sham hearing on Jan 6th. They will parade the crybabies of that day across TV and never ever ask why this happened. This hearing will never go to the root cause of Jan 6th which was what happened with the 2020 presidential election.

This hearing is just another one of Nancy Pelosi’s stupid witch-hunts to join the Russia, Russia, Russia hoax, and the Impeachment hoax. There is nothing that will come from this charade of a commission that will be view as legitimate. The whole thing is a leftist clown show. We had a year of rioting where cities were taken over and all sorts of stuff burned to the ground. We had all these people killed and there is no hearing over any of that.

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