Was Latest Hack On Biden’s List For Putin

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I was one of the people that were floored that Biden gave Putin a list of sixteen things he could not hack. I thought, well, Biden just gave them the green light on any other business to be hacked. This is the weakest president since Jimmy Carter. Our nation is falling apart under Joe Biden.

Giving Putin a list was a huge mistake. Joe is not up for the job and America is getting their asses handed to them on the world stage. We have this frail, declining, and low energy *president that is taking apart America as a Trojan Horse for the far left. That is not hyperbole, that is the observable reality. We need to see Joe’s list.

I do not know who is really running things behind the scenes, but I would bet a dollar to a donut that Obama is behind all of this. Putin does not care; he sees lots of opportunity in our present situation. Joe should have protected all of us, not just sixteen entities. We need this list.

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