Jermell Charlo Did Not Win That Fight

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My whole life I have been waiting for the federal government to come in and regulate the sport of boxing. The sport has a long history of out-and-out corruption. The fact that people bet on this sport alone should call for tighter regulations and investigations into deep fraud throughout the sport. One American president after the other shows no interest in cleaning up boxing and sending some of the usual suspects to prison. A message must be sent that the sweet science, as real fans call it, that we the fans will no longer put up with these ridiculous scores from obviously crooked judges.

I thought for sure when Donald Trump became president that he would go down in history as the president that saved boxing from itself. After all, Trump owned a casino and promoted fights with his friend Don King. I thought for sure this was our chance as fans, but Trump showed no interest. So, here we go again, Jermell Charlo has a historic fight with Brian Castano on Saturday night in San Antonio in which all the belts are on the line. This fight is for the undisputed champion of a division that has not seen one in the four-belt modern era. Not since 1988 has the super welterweight championship at 154 pounds have all four belts.

That is how important the fight was, everything was on the line and the fighters agreed to put it all on the line and risk everything. That does not happen every day. So, we had a great fight, but the problem is that the decision was corrupt. Jermell Charlo clearly lost that fight, but one judge scored the fight so offensively; that there could be no justification for scoring the fight that way. When you see something so egregious as the judge Nelson Vazquez scorecard of 117-111 Charlo, then it is time we go look at someone’s bank account. Maybe check to see if some wife has a new fur coat or if there is a new Cadillac in someone’s driveway. I mean, it is so damn obvious, and we are so damn sick of it. Brian Castano is the undisputed super welterweight championship at 154 and we damn well know it!

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