I Will Not Watch The Woke Olympics

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Sure, you can take a knee and protest your own country in front of the world, but I will not watch it. I understand you have the right to do it. I hear your argument that, hey look, we the western countries can do this and the other countries that are not as free, cannot.

I hear that argument loud and clear, and I do not care, I will not watch it. For the first time in my entire life, I will not watch the Olympics. This in-your-face politicalizing all sports is just pushing me and others away. I do not care if America wins any sport in Japan. Actually, when I hear these woke athletes lose, it now brings me joy.

This is what wokeness does, it divides the people. It tears our country apart. It has been going on for years now. I have not watched late-night comedy shows in over five years. I grew up on Johnny Carlson and David Letterman and I threw the late-night Jimmies and others under the bus long ago.

I do not watch any awards show, not even one. There is a handful of actors I will not even watch their movies. Robert De Niro and Meryl Streep and many others are banned in my world, I cannot watch any of their movies anymore. I know it is a shame this has all happened, but it is my right to not consume their art.

They did this to us. Democrats did this to us. The left did this to us. None of this behavior came from the Republican Party, not a single one. Wokeness is all a leftist mania and madness. It comes from the left and it is them who is to blame for tearing our nation apart. Democrats are horrible people; they even ruined the Olympics.

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