Biden Right On Afghan War

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It is time to give credit where credit is due. Six months into his presidency I can finally point to something positive Joe Biden has done for America. I mean it, everything single thing the man has done has hurt the United States. From destroying our energy independence to the insanity of open borders, the man has hurt us dramatically.

However, following through with Trump’s initiative of the ending of the Afghan War was a positive thing for America. Under incredible pressure from the endless war types, Joe has stood his ground and will get everyone out of Afghanistan. This is a positive thing. To end the endless wars is something that most Americans have been calling for and giving voice to for years.

*President Biden has reversed almost everything thing Trump did, even if it was good and successful. But, here, Joe kept Trump’s promise that we would end America’s longest war. Biden needs to get credit for this. He needs to be told that this was a good thing. Not that he would remember being told that an hour later, but it is the right thing to do which is to give him credit.

All that is left is to get every single American out of Iraq and walk away from the Middle East forever. Those people over there are incorrigible. These people have been killing themselves for thousands of years, nobody is going to change that. We need to stay away from this kind of thing and consecrate on our own hemisphere which has lots of problems to jump on.

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