Does Police Mistreatment Of Blacks Make Our Cites Safe

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I heard an argument the other day that claimed that the mistreatment of blacks by cops makes our nation safe. I was sitting at the bar at the port drinking adult beverages watching the cruise ships sit unused when a man at the bar started to argue his point. And what a point it was.

The man was around my age, and he argued that before we started to defund police departments and run off most of the cops with horrible treatment of them, our cities were safer. He said the treatment of the black community needs to be tolerated because now look what we have, he said we have a total spike in crime everywhere. Let the cops be he said.

He mused out loud that letting cops get their anger and stress out on the blacks was the cost of doing business for a civilized society to remain safe. He said now that we have vilified cops, all that is left in our big cities is soaring crime. Let the cops beat on the blacks he said. Let them get their relief he pondered.

This guy was dead serious and unafraid to say this idea out loud. He had people at the bar agree with him. Bash the blacks so the cops will come back and want to be cops again was the sentiment. Everyone saying this and agreeing with this guy was white except one Hispanic that was nodding in agreement. Bash the blacks so the cops will come back was the slogan.

The argument he was making crescendo to the statists of crime before the defund police thing and crime after this movement went nationwide. Strictly numbers the man said, all about the numbers. He believed his argument was solid and right. Let the cops thrash the blacks to have crime go back down and our big cities can be safe again.

He asked me what I thought, and I said, well. Why don’t you lay on the floor and have me put my knee on your neck for nine minutes and we can talk some more about your theory? The man, consumed with alcohol, looked back at me, and said you do not understand. I told him to have another drink and maybe a new theory will come to mind.

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