Did Dr. Anthony Fauci Lie Under Oath To Congress

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Being a betting man, I am willy to guess that if you go back and look at the film the good doctor would be in some real trouble. Watch the film of Dr. Anthony Fauci testifying before congress and chances are we can now catch him in several lies. Thanks to his emails being released it is clear that we are not dealing with an honest person here.

I never trusted the man from the beginning when he started lying to us about masks. Now it is provable this man is not to be trusted. The disgraced doctor has a lot of explaining to do. Sad, that only right-wing media will even ask the questions. The leftist media scamps will protect this man until the bitter end. You see, Democrats can lie to Congress and get away with it. There are many examples of this on film.

MAGA people go to jail for lying to the government but not Democrats. The left has taken the whole of the entire Justice System and weaponized it. Justice in America is just another arm of the Democrat Party. We have learned over the years that the Democrats wield the federal government to attack the right constantly. The whole damn thing is corrupt and now we can throw our public health officials in with all that deceit. Dr. Anthony Fauci is a disgrace.

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