When Will Hunter Be Charged With Gun Crimes

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I am not interested in Hunter Biden’s sex life including copulating with the brother’s widow. None of that is our business, and his drug struggles should be off-limits to talk about. However, is ridiculously hard to be lectured about guns by Joe Biden while his own family is irresponsible with guns.

The one thing that people hate is the fact that prominent Democrats are seldom held to account by our justice system. We all knew if we deleted subpoenaed emails like Clinton did, we would be in big trouble. Now we have yet another example of this shameful axiom with Hunter Biden and what he did around guns.

Unless you have had your head in the sand you know that Hunter lied on his application to get a gun. Yes, you would be charged with a felony if you did this, but not Hunter. If you tossed a loaded gun in a dumpster by a school you would be in big trouble, but not if you are Hunter’s brother’s widow allegedly. Meanwhile, *President Joe Biden tells everyone else what to do when it comes to guns.

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