Rachel Campos-Duffy Makes A Strong Showing For Primetime On Fox

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Now, as you know, I am of the opinion that Maria Bartiromo or Katie Pavlich should get the 7 pm slot on Fox News, however, I got to say Rachel Campos-Duffy needs consideration. I swear if they give this spot to a man working at Fox, I will never watch that hour. We get enough of men on Fox News. Watching Rachel Campos-Duffy do her thing made me believe that she should be considered along with those other ladies.

My two favorite shows on Fox News are Outnumbered and The Five. I see they are about to blow up The Five if we lose Dana and Greg to other time slots. I already lost Dana’s show The Daily Briefing to the incompetence of whoever is casting this network. I was happy to see the hiring of Morgan Ortagus and Kayleigh McEnany, but you just get the feeling nobody at Fox knows how to group these people together.

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