Moral, Decent Man, Thrill Going Up My Leg Press

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Watching Joe Biden’s press conference made me sick. You see, I do not consume left-wing press. I do not watch or read it, and never will again after their behavior during the Trump years. However, I cannot avoid it if I want to watch a presidential press conference. In that setting, I cannot avoid being exposed to these horrible people.

Watching the press treat a Democrat President with kid gloves and a subdued tone is just another reminder that we do not have a free press in this country. George W. Bush was Hitler and treated disgustingly by the press. Trump was a monster and Obama, and Biden gave them thrills up their legs as they prostrate themselves in front of their moral and decent leaders.

The press is nothing more than an arm of the Democrat Party. It is propaganda and they are all without exception propagandists. They are a disgrace and a generation that destroyed journalism. Watching them call Biden a moral and decent man made me puke. The man is a known liar and plagiarist and he and his family are the opposite of moral and decent. And so is the leftist press.

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