Maria Bartiromo Has Earned 7pm Slot On Fox News

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There is no need to rotate any more hosts for the show Primetime on Fox News. Maria won and there is no doubt her entire career and resume are part of it. I watched every host see who fits in that slot and nobody beat Maria. For me, it really came down to the ladies, the men got their butts kicked in this competition.

In the end, it came down to Maria Bartiromo and Katie Pavlich. Either one of those ladies can have that slot and I would watch. If it is not one of those two then I will never tune in at that hour. The men did horrible and if one of those two ladies is not the Primetime host then there is still weird crap going on in that network when it comes to men.

I do not know who is running things there at Fox News, but they destroyed their daytime programming. Some idiots there thought it would be cool to remove one of their best daytime shows called The Daily Briefing. Some genius thought it was a good idea to pair up Dana Perino with Bill Hemmer in the morning, that was disastrous, there is absolutely no chemistry between those two. We can only hope that whoever oversees nighttime programming is not the same ignoramus that screwed up the daytime.

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