When Democrats Win Calls For Unity When They Lose Resistance

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The Democrats need to remove the word unity from their lexicon. Nobody believes they mean it, and no one wants it. We know calls for unity from the left is a joke and a lie. We do not listen to your words; we watch your actions. Those two things never coincide. Democrat words and their actions do not share the same observable reality.

For the most part, we do not like Democrats, we do not like their ideas or policies and we certainly do not want to live under their yoke. We are shocked at what Democrats get away with within our justice system. We are frightened watching Big Tech side with the left and what that means to freedom. We have watched the left take over one institution after the other and their capture of Big Tech makes this the most dangerous time in modern times.

Democrats have the media in their pocket, academia, Wall Street, entertainment and now Big Tech. Excuse us if we are not interested in your kind of unity, which is surrender or be canceled. We have observed Democrats run every single state and city they got their hands on in the ground and now they have total control of the federal government. It is no mystery where their leadership will take America.

Shockingly once America finally got energy independence, the first thing the Democrats did was attack that and make us more dependent on Middle East oil. I have never seen a president come in on his first day and the first thing he does is kill thousands of jobs. Shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and attacking fracking makes no sense at all if you care about America first. These are dark times my friends.

This battle with globalist and nationalist or MAGA policies is an ongoing political war for the soul of this nation. The right is losing on many fronts and needs to get their act together politically. What happened at the Capital hurt the MAGA movement and should never happen again. Now, they are going to use January 6th as a weapon to expand the Patriot Act, and legally this time, turn that apparatus toward Americans and our civil liberties. Sorry, they can keep their unity.

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