Virtual Learning Doing Just Fine In My Family

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All you hear are bad things about virtual learning. I do not think I have seen a single positive story about online learning during the pandemic. Why is that? What is the reason why they just cannot wait to jam the kids back in the government schools? Are they afraid we have gotten to see what a piss poor job teaching our kids they did?

If you would believe the press and the government whores, you would think that American kids are falling behind with the rest of the world. The reality is that our public school system has been falling behind the rest of the world for decades. We measure up terribly with the most advanced and not so advanced countries of the world when it comes to K-12 education.

Now I do not know what kind of online stuff other states have going on, but here in Florida, we are doing just fine. Or, at least in the part of Florida I live, which is the Space Coast. This is what I know, the high school students in my family and their friends are thriving. They are doing really good and, in most cases, better than when they were doing in-person learning. They find plenty to do in the community to socialize.

What the press is saying about virtual learning just does not hold water in my observable reality. It is just not true, and I know I cannot be the only one who notices this. I also cannot be the only one to notice the evil of the teacher’s union during this pandemic. They do not care about the kids and I will never look at teachers the same again after seeing their true colors.

Here is the truth, because the kids do not have to deal with bullying, peer pressure, and the boys chasing the girls, and the girls chasing the boys, they are actually getting educated. Without all the distractions that come with high school, the children are more focused on their education. It has been a nice thing to watch, and you would never know it if you watched the news channels. Why is that? If your kid is doing bad, my guess is, they were doing bad while in-person learning.

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