Time To Bring Back Van Hagar

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Now that Wolfgang Van Halen has started his career with all his amazing talent Sammy Hagar and Alex Van Halen should bring back Van Hagar. The days when Sammy fronted the band and took Van Halen from arenas to stadiums deserve a return to stardom. Sammy can still sing his ass off and Michael Anthony has not lost a beat playing the bass guitar.

It makes perfect sense to do this, and the timing is also perfect. In addition, the band should go back to the sound of the album 5150 which was their best record together. I would love to hear these guys get back together. If you reading this have any way to get word of this idea to any of the guys, please do. I would be the first one to buy their album and I rarely pay for music anymore. I did preorder Wolfgang’s new stuff, however.

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