The Biden Unity Hoax

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The Biden unity hoax is no different from the Russia hoax. It is no different from the Kavanaugh hoax. There is no distinction with the Covington Nick Sandmann hoax. I could go on and on with all the lies the Democrats propagate to further their power. It might as well be called the Jussie Smollett party.

The Democrats are the most corrupt group of people in America. They are a conglomerate of depraved souls spreading havoc across the country and beyond. Their latest hoax is the Biden unity hoax. *President Biden ran on unifying the county and keeps saying the word unity. But, that was never his agenda and that is not what he is doing.

Like I always tell people, do not listen to the words Democrats say, watch their actions, see what they do. Their words and their actions rarely meet at the intersection of truth. To be kind, these people would not know the truth if it was rammed up their anus. Nothing they say is what they really want to do or are doing. They cannot be trusted under any circumstances.

They are going to ram through each and every one of their destructive policies without a single Republican vote, it is already in the works. They have no intentions on working with the other half of the nation, that is a hoax. Their ideas and policies are so calamitous for America that they really constitute an enemy within. America is in the middle of a very perilous time.

We spent four years digging out of the shit hole they created only to be back in the same boat with these horrible people and their crazy ideas. It is enough to take your breath away. Now that they can change elections rules mid-election and violate the Constitution at will, with no repercussions, Republicans are doomed. The only way to fight them up to now was at the ballot box, but now that is rigged.

We have two nations under one roof. These two nations are not a union anymore. Neither side wants to live under the governance of each other. We must find a peaceful and legal way to separate and go our own ways. I have been writing about this notion for over a decade now and it has never been truer. We need to find a legal way, as to avoid a civil war, to create the types of nation each half wants to be. Sorry President Lincoln, the union did not hold.

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