Democrats Hell Bent On Starting Another Civil War

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Almost everything that Democrats do is something against the other half of this nation. For five years, the left has stopped at nothing to go after seventy-five-million voters that do not agree with them. From spying on the other party to cancel culture, the left is at war with the right, and it is well beyond the ballot box. The right does not seem to realize it is in a war for its own survival.

Right now, the Democrats will keep tens of thousands of troops circling the Capital while they sit in that building and attack the values of half this nation. They will dismantle our energy independence, they will open our borders, and let the floodgate of immigrants in. They will bankrupt future generations to accomplish all of it. They will do this as they hide behind our troops.

These people from the left are going to spark another American Civil War. I do not want this to happen, I am too old to fight. War is for the young people. I have been writing for over a decade asking whether there is a way we can peacefully and legally break apart the union. I believe we are two different countries under the same roof that has become untenable. Neither side wants to live under the governance of the other side, the two sides want a completely different country.

I fear they will trigger a civil war. From spying, all the lying, and fake impeachments, the left is playing with fire. People are not going to keep laying down for all of this. There is no excuse for what happened on January 6th, 2021, but it is not hard to apperceive why it went down. Trump was not to blame, the left is. The left and the refusal of the Supreme Court to defend the Constitution is why we had what we had at the Capital. Let us disband the union peacefully and go our own ways before the left turns this into a shooting war.

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