Chances Are They Are Still Spying On Trump

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The Democrats spied on candidate Trump, spied on Trump’s transition team, and then spied on his presidency. Why on Earth would they not be spying on Trump in his post-presidency? Of course, the left would be spying on Trump right now trying to figure out what he is going to do. We have no proof of this, but it makes complete sense.

It does not really matter if we had proof this time. We had plenty of proof of all the spying through the three stages of Trump I just mentioned, proof means nothing. The left just ignores facts, they do whatever they want, and suffer no consequences. Democrats own and control the justice system. The left has their own set of laws they live under.

I hope former President Trump understands this because every single thing he is saying and doing at Mar-a-Lago is probably be recorded. The left will want to know what he is up to and what are his future plans. They are currently gonna run another scam trial to try to block him from holding future public office. They know after the next four years of what they are doing to harm this nation; that Trump will use that and come roaring back.

I bet a dollar to a donut that they are spying on Trump, his family, and everyone they know. I am sure all his phone calls are being taped and nothing he is doing is not being watched. Trump is a huge threat to these globalists. MAGA is America first and the Democrats are open borders, attack our energy independence, and weaken America abroad party. Do not take my word for it, go read King Biden’s executive orders.

Trump needs to build one of those soundproof and in impenetrable rooms in Mar-a-Lago that no signal can get in or out of. He needs to conduct his business of politics covertly. He should never talk on the phone and probably should conduct himself like the old Mafia bosses that just talk to a few people to conduct his business. Trump needs to operate like Paulie in the movie Goodfellas. Hell, they called the Trump family a mafia crime family anyway, may as well use some of the mob’s tactics.

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