Biden Harming So Many People In Less Than One Month

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Part of me wanted the Democrats to win in 2020 so the younger generation can see how horrible these people are. I desired for all those young people who came out into the streets when Biden won to see the reality of Democrat policies. I knew they had no idea what they just cheered and or voted for. They were too young to know of the harm that comes under Democrat governance.

I think some older people forgot the failures that come with Democrats running things as well. Their hatred for Donald Trump blinded them so intensely that they were willing to vote for Joe Biden. Now in less than a month *President Joe Biden has caused so must damage to our nation and our people. His pettiness to take down anything Trump did is causing cataphoric damage.

It does not matter to Biden and the Democrats that some of the things Trump did were good. They do not care who or how many people they hurt, as long as the left can remove anything with Trump’s prints on it. I have said it before and I will say it again, Democrats are evil people that commit evil acts. There are not good people. The Democrats have the worse ideas and policies that in the end will destroy this nation’s future.

So, what did Joe do? Well, Joe shut down the Keystone Pipeline and threw thousands of people making fifty plus dollars an hour out of work. He told those same people not to worry because one day in the future they will be able to get a job making solar panels for twenty-two dollars an hour. One day the jobs will come, they so bluntly told America at the White House Daily Briefing. John Kerry’s arrogance about the loss of those thousands of jobs highlights their elitism and evil.

What else did Joe do? Joe banned Fracking by refusing to issue or renew any permits to frack on government land. Those high paying jobs be damned. Now, understand that Joe said repeatedly in the campaign that he would not ban fracking. The man lied. The man is a lair. The man has always been a liar and a plagiarist. We finally achieve energy independence under Trump and now Joe puts us right back in the hands of the Muslims in the desert with their oil.

Joe put us back in the Paris Climate Accord where, if you read it, raped the American taxpayer, sends money to foreign nations, and achieves absolutely zero with the environment. The accord itself has already failed with all the countries that stayed in it and we exactly did better reducing carbon under Trump than the nations in the stupid agreement. It also gives China a gigantic advantage over us because they do not have to do anything in this accord for a decade.

Speaking of China, putting us back into the WHO that is controlled by China was yet another mistake by this failure of a president. Biden does not care what is best for America, all he wants to do is knock down what Trump did regardless of whether or not it is good for us. The man and his family are so deep into China and their money, so they will never keep up the pressure on China that Trump stated. Joe does not care if the virus came from China, he views the term “China virus” as some insult.

While Trump was in office, he signed an executive order to let American doctors get their hands on and give out a drug that has lower heroin death rates 80% in Paris. Can you believe Joe Biden made that go away? It is proven that it saves lives on a grand scale, yet Joe would have them die because it was something Trump did. This is an evil man who is perpetrating evil acts upon the people of this nation. He is a horrible human being. It is a typical Baby Boomer. Selfish bastards, all of them.

I can go on and on, but I think you get my point. This president is a menace. He is harming us on so many levels that it is hard to keep up with it. I could write so many more examples of his failures and lies. However, people will feel the pain of his policies without me pointing it out. The man is working on being the worst American president of my lifetime, and I am in my fifties. It has not even been a month of this man’s presidency and things are so cray already. God help us all.

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