Ah-Um-Um-Ah Press Secretary Jen Psaki Needs Speech Coach

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It is one thing to tolerate *President Joe Biden and his brain freezes and speech difficulties, but did they have to hire this woman to be press secretary? Jen Psaki is a disaster as a public speaker. It is very annoying to listen to somebody who says ah, um, um, ah every third or fourth word. Clearly, someone with this speech flaw should not be a public speaker; let alone the White House Press Secretary.

It is bad enough she is not easy on the eyes and certainly is no Morgan Ortagus or Kayleigh McEnany, but Jen’s speech is intolerable, it is unable to be endured. The longer she speaks the more you hate the *president. I cannot be the only one that has noticed this. So, I started to ask around my friends who follow politics and low and behold, I was not alone in this observation.

Jen does not seem to know much about the questions she is asked. She either does not answer the question and talks nonsense or she tells the reporters I will get back to you. People started to notice that she kept saying she will “circle back” and get back with the answer. She said something about it dismissing her performance as if it was only conservative people on Twitter that can see her failures.

This was the wrong person for the press secretary, and it should not take long for the left to figure this out. It is time for a new press secretary and the sooner the better. People do not like to be forced to listen to that kind of speech impediment, it grinds on you like nails on a chalkboard. This kind of communication disorder from Jen, where standard speech is disrupted with stammering and mis-articulation cannot be the voice of our government. It is too embarrassing for us with the rest of the world. It is bad enough our *president can not speak proper either.

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