The Federalist’s Comment Section Canary In The Coal Mine

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Now that I think about it Google taking down The Federalist’s comment section was one of the first salvos on the war against free speech. I remember at the time being shocked that it happened. I’m a big fan of their comment section and at the time Ben and the boys said that they would get it back up soon. Well, that was a long time ago and they were never able to put it back online.

I thought, if they can do that to such a strong website, that is backed by millions of dollars, they can do it to anyone. Then, watching what happened to Parler and the president, I realized the left has declared war on the right, and the tech giants weighed in on the side of the rabid Democrats. I liked Parler, now it is gone. I liked the debate on The Federalist’s comment section, but it is gone.

I recently noticed that I go to read The Federalist way less than I used to because of the lack of debate on their website about what they are publishing. Neither Parler nor the comment section of The Federalist is a threat to anyone, yet look what happened to them. This should scare everyone but it doesn’t. People are cheering this thing on and the ones that are most obstreperous are journalists.

Our country is in big trouble here. Things are really taking a turn for the worst. Freedom seems like such a distant memory. The world that existed before technology took off and before we built up this surveillance state feels further and further away in my mind’s eye. I’m very worried about the direction we are all headed. It just feels like it is all coming apart. Oh yea, there is also a hundred-year pandemic raging in the air.

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