Stop Auditioning Maria Bartiromo Is Primetime

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Six rotating hosts to try to see who gets the 7 pm slot on Fox News is not necessary. Maria should have this spot plain and simple, it is a no-brainer. I like many of the others, but let’s face it, Maria has earned this. The woman singlehandedly built Fox Business Channel and has earned a primetime show on the main network. And not just because she is easy on the eyes, but the woman is smart as a whip.

This should be her job, she earned a life of not having to wake up every day at 3 am to do her thing. Maria is the hardest working woman on Fox, she has a show six days a week on Fox News and Fox Business, but that is all in the morning. It is time for Maria to join the primetime lineup and make her mark. It is a natural progression of things to have her work her way up to a primetime show.

If Fox News wants to even dream about getting MAGA Republicans back who fled to Newsmax and One America News Network they better give Maria this job. Fox has leaned too much left and have destroyed their brand. Hiring Maria for this spot would go a long way to try to bring MAGA people back. Maria is one of the only ones that covered the Trump years honestly.

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