Sad Day As Bad Guys Take Control

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I do not ever remember feeling sadness on Inauguration Day even when my side lost. This time I did because of how different the policies will be. These people that just took power have nothing but bad ideas, bad policies, and bad intentions. They will dismantle all of the gains that Americas made in the last four years. I had a lot of problems with Trump’s behavior, but his policies were not a problem.

Another Baby Boomer president is the saddest thing imaginable. They have destroyed every institution they put their hands on. They are the most selfish generation of people America has ever produced and they have left us nothing but unpayable debt and failure. Boomers have held on to power in America until their last breath. And now we have four more years of their yoke.

The treatment of President Trump over the last five years has turned me on the Democrat Party for the rest of my life here on Earth. I will pass down the truth of these horrible people to the younger generation in my family. Hopefully, nobody I am related to will ever vote Democrat again. Their policies have been proven failures over and over again, yet they still cling to them. The whole thing is so sad.

On day one Biden’s policies will start to harm America. These things he claims he wants to do will be so damaging to our nation. We collectively took one step forward with MAGA and now two steps back with the Democrats. If I hear the word unify one more time I will vomit. We will never unify with Democrats; they are horrible people with ridiculous ideas. We will have to politically defeat them and work once again to get rid of their harmful policies.

I feel nothing but sadness. What transpired in this election was shameful and crooked. The Constitution was set ablaze to have the outcome we got with this election. If the Republican Party thinks that seventy-five-million people are gonna go back to the established ways, they are sorely mistaking. Whether a new political party is born from this or MAGA weeds out the usual suspects of the Republican Party, moving forward will be nothing but certain. What a sad day.

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