Republicans Lost Control Because Of Stimulus Checks

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The tone-deaf Republican’s leadership actually thought they can tell Americans to take a hike on two-thousand-dollar checks. They believed that they could do this just days before an election that would decide control of all of congress. The Republicans cared so little about the people, that they really thought we would vote for them anyway, while they cut off the money. They thought wrong.

The Republicans destroyed the economy, millions of jobs, and wreaked business coast to coast through a forced lockdown in the spring. Instead of just telling us to wear masks, they did this lockdown and ruined everything. They told us you cannot work, and we will pay you not to work. Then once the end of July came; they cut off all the money and left people for months to die on the vine.

Five months later they say here is six-hundred bucks and stop complaining. Also, the answer is no on the two-thousand-dollar checks. Oh yea, by the way, vote us back into power. You do not need to be a political scientist to see this is not the best way to win an election. They deserved what happened to them, and what happened to them as they lost complete control of the White House and the entire congress.

People will come up with all sorts of reasons why the Republicans lost everything, but it really came down to how they handled the pandemic and that was an unmitigated disaster. Making fun of people wearing masks was ridiculous. The way they politicized a virus and the wearing of masks was shameful. The Republican leadership of this pandemic including the stimulus checks was horrible. They deserve all of this, they earned it.

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