Melania Trump Vs. Michelle Obama On Magazine Covers

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Melania Trump never got a single magazine cover during her reign as First Lady, none that I can think of. I believe they gave twelve or thirteen to Michelle Obama. Crazy, when you think that Melania was actually a model. Insane, when you consider her beauty. But par for the course when you think of the world of the leftist. They really are horrible people those Democrats.

Melania was the single most beautiful First Lady this nation has ever had, certainly, Michelle was not. One is paraded across dozens of magazine covers and one was ignored and hated. For me, I just add glossy rags to my do not consume anymore due to leftist dribble list. The list just keeps growing. I’ll add the magazines to my lack of consumption of late-night comedy shows, award ceremonies, and anything Robert De Niro.

I am so tired of hearing that we now need to unite now that their side gets control of everything. Well, I do not want to. I will not unite with these people. They have the worst ideas, policies, and behavior I have ever seen. I rather not have anything to do with Democrats. I certainly do not want to live under their taxation and regulations. These people are nuts. Put Melania on a major magazine cover and then come and ask me to unite. You go first.

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