Georgians Do Note Vote Republican Because Of Stimulus Checks

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These Republicans running for Senate in Georgia are not MAGA. They say they are, but it is not true. These are rich, extremely rich, establishment types that claim they are MAGA, but they are not. Perdue was against any checks going to working people and only claimed he was for the two-thousand dollar checks when the president went that way and he needed to win a runoff.

You as the reader must understand the corporate establishment Republicans hate MAGA and want the president gone. They would rather have Joe Biden than deal with a president they can barely control. These people are the leadership of the Republican Party and look what they just did to the working class when it came to giving out two-thousand-dollar checks. And look how they borrow all this money instead of implementing Universal Basic Income and taxing the tech companies.

They had no problems sending countries that hate America billions of dollars in the middle of a pandemic. Yet, they refused to give Americans an extra fourteen-hundred dollars to help them get by. They get away with this because we keep voting these political scamps in. This time we need to send a message from MAGA to Mitch McConnell. We need to hand the Senate over to the Democrats to make Republican leadership pay and get their attention.

In addition, we need the young people of our nation and anyone who supports the Democrat Party to see what it means to put these idiots in charge. Let the next generation feel the pain of Democrat leadership. I am telling you, that if you give these people the reigns of power; they will screw it, and very quickly the new generations will see their inescapable failure of leadership. This is the quickest way to get rid of Democrats. I say this as a person who leans right and hates Democrat policies.

However, for now, the message should be sent to the Republicans that MAGA people cannot be taken for granted and if they do not figure out that their constituency is the working class and not the corporations, then they lose power. We have only ourselves to blame for the leadership we receive. People will say that not voting in Georgia is radical. Well, it is going to take something for the Republican leadership to realize not giving us the two-thousand-dollar checks was an egregious mistake.

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