Why Republicans Should Not Vote In Georgia

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The same people that are telling Georgians to vote for Senate are the same people that allowed the presidential race to get stolen. Now the usual suspects are telling you to use the same voting system that is clearly fraud-ridden so you can get ripped off again. These are the political scamps that refuse to fix the voting system in Georgia and want you to use this system again so they can steal control of the Senate.

Republicans should demand that the voting system in Georgia be fixed immediately or they will not vote. If they refuse to fix this before the run-off election in January, then, Republican Georgians need to protest by staying home and not voting. Republican leadership will tell you that if you do not vote the socialists take over. Well, news flash, they already took over the White House, and now leadership wants you to do this again which will give the left control of Congress and the White House.

If Georgians vote without fixing the whole voting system, then they are in turn rubber-stamping the heist of a lifetime. If the Republicans vote in Georgia under these conditions, they have already lost. The only way to force their hand is to protest and not vote. That way we can collectively tell the world that we do not accept any election in the year 2020, not even one. You can see who the Swamp is when you see which Republicans are not fighting for Trump and the real control of the Senate.

Republicans that are sitting by and not lifting a finger to defend the integrity of the entire 2020 election are part of the problem, they are the so-called Swamp. Anyone on the right who is laying down for this fraudulent election needs to be removed or we all need to create a new party. Nothing is going to change if Georgians actually vote. Your leaders will tell you my idea is nuts, but what is nuts is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.

What kind of country do we want to have? If we do not take a stand here, how is this election ever going to be accepted by half of this nation? What is the end game here? What are these politicians doing to our Democratic Republic? Or more to the point, what are these Baby Boomers doing to this nation? It is their generation that is in leadership, how much more destruction are the Boomers going to do before they die off? They are wrecking what took over two-hundred years to build.

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