No Stimulus Checks For Christmas Congress Abandons Americans

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Our government has utterly failed us on a grand scale since the checks stopped at the end of July. Everyone in America regardless of your status got a twelve-hundred-dollar check and this propped up the economy. That, along with checks for six-hundred dollars a week for the unemployed, and Americans were able to get through the summer. People have a right to survive. Folks have the right to put a roof over their heads and food on the table.

Then, your government abandon everyone for the autumn and let people fend for themselves and die on the vine. Countless businesses went under and millions suffered. Fast forward to winter, and now governments are calling for more lockdowns, but do not want to pay people to stay home and not work. These two things cannot coexist. Something is going to break here, and it will not be pretty.

Congress is said to be working on some money to go out but there are no stimulus checks even being considered. Ironically, this is the picture-perfect example of why we need the tech companies to be taxed to fund Universal Basic Income as Andrew Yang championed during the Democrat Primary. We do not have to borrow a dime to do UBI and it would give Americans housing security.

It is so discouraging that our nation is being run by a bunch of out-of-touch Baby Boomers will old ideas. They are not even capable of understanding Universal Basic Income and why it is so necessary for the security of our country’s future. There is a solution to every problem America has, but our politicians refuse to engage in any new thinking. The destruction that Baby Boomers are leaving behind is catastrophic. The sooner Boomers leave this Earth, the better America will all be.

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