COVID-19 Relief Does Little For Struggling Americans

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The ongoing failure of the American government during the pandemic rolls on. This last bill that they passed is a disgrace on a grand scale. They gave out crumbs for the American people while using this as an excuse to spend more money on countries that hate us. It is the latest outrage committed by our government upon the working class.

We are headed for an exceedingly difficult period of American history. How this union holds together while our government commits atrocities against its own people will not lead to a happy place. In fact, I fear greatly where this might all lead to. We have a government that is completely non-responsive to the people and the current needs of the nation. We are being led by greedy morons hell-bent on making a bad situation even worse.

Meanwhile, our leaders race to jump the line and get the vaccine before the rest of us. These are truly evil people that are committing evil acts against us. They have an ongoing active coup to take total control. They have stolen a presidential election in a five-year never-ending 21st Century American coup. All our institutions have not only failed to protect us from all of this, but they are part of the coup.

Say any of this out loud and they will call you a conspiracy theorist. It frightens me to think of all that has transpired in the last five years. This all is unsustainable; we cannot continue this way. We must stop voting for the same people that keep doing all of this. We must vote out the same people that hold on to power to their last dying breath. We need term limits, and we need them now. We must start there and think new.

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