Biden Already Caught On Tape Misleading Americans

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The bastard is not even in office yet and an audiotape has already been leaked. Of course, the media swept it under the rug again. When I heard the tape, I realized that we are returning to that Obama/Biden era where everything is a lie. It was a heartbreak realizing that all that stuff we hated about the government is back in power.

Biden is a known liar and plagiarist, so there is nothing new there. Slowly it is coming out that his family just might be a money laundering crime family, something the press is already ignoring. However, hearing this tape I became sad because, after four years of total transparency, we now return to the Democrat way of deception and smoke and mirrors hiding it.

Everyone should be upset about this tape. In it, Biden tells his people to stop telling everyone that they will defund the police until after the Senate run-off election. He said Democrats got killed across the nation in the last election because of defunding the police. He promised them he would get to police reform but for now, told everyone to mislead the nation and keep what they are gonna do quiet until they get control of the Senate.

Do not expect The Washington Post to start a list of Biden lies. No, they work for him now. But truly these people on the left are degusting people. The fact that they got away with stealing a presidential election and are back in power is so horrible. The same system that stole the presidency will be used in Georgia for control of the Senate. We have dark times ahead of us. In front of us is nothing but lies and deception. I will miss knowing what the president thinks. We had that in Trump, and it was nice.

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