Always Put An Asterisk In Front Of *President Joe Biden

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Every time you write the illegitimate president’s name put an asterisk in front of it. The man stood by silent while others stole the election for him. For all of time, Joe Biden will never be considered legitimate. The way we can start to acknowledge that is to start putting an asterisk next to his name every time we write it. Every time we say his name out loud, we should enunciate it.

The first time I heard this concept was when I was growing up. While I was coming of age the sport of baseball went through what is now referred to as the Steroid Era. When it came out that some of the most famous players were cheating and using sport enhancement drugs, they had to address how to deal with that in the record book. Their solution, in the end, was to place an asterisk next to their name in the book.

They got their place in the book, but that asterisk reminds us that they cheated. That is how Joe Biden needs to be treated. He damn well knows that he was the most boring presidential candidate in history, that stayed in his basement most of the time, and he did not get more votes than anyone in American history. It stretches reality itself to even consider such an anomaly. It is absolute nonsense, and we will never accept his presidency.

All our major institutions failed us when it came to facing what happened in the 2020 presidential election. Nobody had to courage to stand up to this fraud and tyranny. Not even the Supreme Court had the stones to even hear an argument on Trump’s behalf. They successfully stole an election, and it was swept under the rug. How we indicate that we know what is true, is the use of the asterisk when it comes to the illegitimacy of the Joe Biden presidency.

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