Why Fox News Fell Out Of Favor With The Right

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Fox News is shot, they are gone, and so are their followers. The migration to Newsmax TV has already begun. You don’t have to look any further than the fact that The Morning Joe on MSNBC has beat Fox and Friends for the first time in nineteen years in the ratings. That is indisputable proof that right-wingers are leaving Fox. Morning Joe is a disgrace, the Right is certainly not going to Joe’s crazy network, they are going to Newsmax.

Trump Republicans have had it with the mainstream media and Fox News has joined their evil ranks. The Right has had it with Twitter and Facebook and is now flocking to Parler. There is a big shift going on to find a home where people on the Right not only feel welcome, but they are not censored. The 2020 presidential election has revealed to the Right that things are even worse than we thought. Things are unbelievably bad and bias now and the Right will not lay down for it.

The reason for the Fox exodus is simple, Fox forgot who they are and what they were supposed to be. Fox along with talk radio was the balance to the leftist agenda that spews out over the airways. Fox was the balance to the Left, but they moved away from that. It started at some point, but one milestone is the hiring of Donna Brazile. To hire the woman who gave Hillary Clinton the questions to a presidential debate was the biggest slap in the face for Trump Republicans.

I do not who at Fox is to blame, but whoever made these decisions are the person or people who will go down as the folks that destroyed the number one cable news network. Whoever it is, just ran everyone away. All-day long all you hear is left-wing talking points broadcasted out of Fox news. It is almost impossible to get through any hour of the day without hearing from Democrats on Fox and all of their nonsense. It is not the same experience that it once was.

Maria Bartiromo is the only shining star left at Fox news. She is the only one that feels old school Fox News. We can only hope that she sees the changes that have happened at Fox and she leaves there and comes over to Newsmax. I love Outnumbered and I love The Five, but those are the only shows I can tolerate any more on the channel outside of Maria. I must admit, I have even been missing those shows because my time is now spent watching Newsmax TV.

Newsmax better get ready for this and step up their game. We need to get some big names over there and give them some shows. They should beg Bill O’Reilly to come over and make their primetime number one. I see Newsmax has given some of the men that fell to the #MeToo movement like Mark Halperin and Eric Bolling jobs. I like that they did that, I deplore cancel culture, everyone deserves another chance. For now, I am just trying to figure out how Parler works.

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