We Don’t Need Recounts We Need Forensic Accountants And Audits

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Without going down through countless rabbit holes or flirting with conspiracies, we do need to audit six states. The six states that could not handle counting voted ballots on time like the other forty-four states need their entire elections audited. Nobody should be afraid of this idea unless you have something to hide.

Something in the collective air does not pass the smell test. Forget about all of the different stories of fraud and software problems that keep surfacing. What I concentrate on is the old saying of don’t believe your lying eyes. I watched with my eyes the worst presidential candidate of my lifetime. I watched a man bore America to death and campaign from his home.

Now I am supposed to believe that some angry old man yelling at cars has somehow gotten more votes than anyone in history? Really? I am told to believe that Joe Biden got more votes than Barack Obama? Really? Doesn’t really past the smell test now does it? Something seems very off about this. Something does not feel right to me. I can’t believe I am the only person that feels this way.

I juxtapose all of that with what my eyes showed me with Trump. The man’s rallies were bigger than 2016 and he got more votes than he did back then too. Trump got more votes than Hillary Clinton and more than any sitting president ever, but somehow he lost? It just does not feel right to me. In fact, it feels like someone is trying to pull the wool over my eyes. I feel manipulated.

We can settle this enigma by sending six different teams of forensic accountants to the six states that were and are still not done counting. Normally, I would say the forensic accountants from the White Collar Criminal Division from the FBI. However, when I mentioned that in a crowd, I got slammed because nobody believes in the FBI anymore after everything they did to our politics.

I can’t argue that critique after what the FBI did with Spygate and how they covered it up for the last four years. So we got to find some accountant firm that is not wrapped up in any suspicion and let them go at it. We find the right firm to do this and we find them fast. Recounts are worthless here. We need to root out all of the illegal votes and live with that count regardless of its results.

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