The Real 46th President Will Be Barack Obama

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Former President Obama never left Washington. He was the first and only president that did not return home back to their state. He bought a house one mile down the road from the White House. He moved in staff to live with him and his wife and they have been running the resistance ever since. Looking at the choices Joe Biden is making for his illegitimate administration; we can see these are all Obama people.

All the usual suspects, along with all their usual bad ideas and policies have the reins of power once again. These are the people that presided over nearly a decade of American decline. Immediately, they plan to reverse all America First policies and return to the global sellout of the American Taxpayer. Nothing could be sadder if you care about this nation. Behind it all is former President Obama.

Joe is and always was a puppet or an empty vessel for this crowd to return to power. He will be the 46th President by name only. The real president will be behind the scenes just a mile away from the White House. Obama by most metrics is the most corrupt American president in modern times. He is the biggest liar we ever had in the White House and he is back once again.

The sycophant press will go silent once again and just like cicadas, they will stay dormant for years until a Republican returns to the White House. While being silent, the press members will still be arrested by this crowd and thrown in jail. From behind bars, they will still worship at the altar of Democratism. Blindly obeying their masters, the press has already shown us their tone when it comes to Joe Biden. Their obedience is no longer hidden.

This will be the third term of Barack Obama, everyone knows this. Because the Republicans are too timid to get down in the dirt with these cheaters, America will suffer. Trump was the only one standing in their way. He fought the good fight but was unable to stop the Deep State from affecting another election. After the last pandemic in 1918’s Spanish Flu, America ushered in what is now referred to as the Roaring 20s. However, an illegitimate 3rd Obama administration might stop history from repeating itself. The only thing that will be roaring is the taxes and regulations going up.

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