The Election Swings For Trump This Way Stupid

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There are so many stories of fraud it is hard for even the president to explain it all. Listening to our aggrieved president talk to Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures, I immediately realized there is a problem here with communications. Trying to explain what happened in the 2020 presidential election needs to fit on a bumper sticker. Nuance is the enemy in this situation.

Stop the steal is good but go say it to your phone. Your smartphone will tell you that this slogan is a right-wing conspiracy. That is what you are dealing with here, media and big tech are collectively bringing George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to life in real-time. What is happening here is stunning. Leftist ideology is almost insurmountable at this point. If we allow this illegitimate election to take hold in the form of a Joe Biden presidency, then it is over.

What President Trump and the millions of people that voted for him need to say to explain this election needs to be narrowed. You cannot go on telling stories of dead people voting, old ladies showing up to vote in person and being told they voted already, or vote watchers being blocked from the watching part of their existence. You will just be told that it is not enough to overturn the election. Forget the fact that no evidence backs that assertion, just stay away from the nuance.

How this election was fraudulent is simple. They counted ineligible votes. That is, it, they counted ineligible votes. If you count only legal votes and not all ballets, then Trump wins. The biggest group of these that would swing the election back in Trump’s favor is ballets that you cannot verify the signature. That is where the motherload is. All those ballets that had the outside of the ballet thrown away cannot be counted because you cannot audit that vote. Concentrate on that, focus there.

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