Only Democrat Voters Should Have Their Taxes Raised

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The Deep State wins in the end. After all their spying, lies, and bullshit investigations or their fake impeachment, the bad guys win. These idiot voters just voted to raise their taxes. They hated Trump so deeply that they were willing to take money out of their own pockets. The seventy-million people that voted for Trump should not have to pay a cent in higher taxes because of these morons.

If you’re an ignoramus and believe Biden’s lie that he will only raise taxes on people making over four-hundred-thousand dollars a year, then you deserve the higher taxes coming your way. The evident truth is that Biden has claimed he will rescind the Trump tax cuts. Those tax cuts affect everyone. Trump doubled the child tax credit for everyone with a child, so kiss that goodbye, that was part of the Trump tax cuts too.

To put that senile old man in charge of our nukes is the most irresponsible thing I have ever seen voters do. Biden was smack dab in the middle of Spygate and he was the one who suggested using the Logan Act to spy on Trump. Half this nation just put all of these criminals back in power. Watching the press, academia, big tech, Hollywood and all of the usual suspects work together to interfere with this election has been breathtaking.

The policies that Joe Biden has put forth is so damaging to our nation on every level. There goes the economy back into the Obama/Biden ditch. Here come all the regulations that will choke out businesses. Watch, like cicadas, the press good dormant once again. They will come out of their holes when there is another Republican president. What a freaking nightmare on a grand scale for our nation and our future. Joe Biden has been part of the problem for nearly a half-century.

Like former Secretary Robert Gates said and still stands by, Joe Biden has been on the wrong side of every foreign policy decision in the last forty years. That man worked for both Republican and Democrat presidents. He is no partisan. The year 2020 is not done with its madness. The hits just keep coming. China is going to be so happy now. In the words of the outgoing president, SAD!

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