Democrats Still Block Stimulus Waiting For Georgia Runoff

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The Democrats in charge of the party are the most grotesque group of people alive. They are blocking stimulus to everyone in the middle of a pandemic to see if they can win the state of Georgia. If they win it, they believe they can ram through the Heroes Act. This policy is some leftist orgasmic wet dream they cooked up after the emergency benefits ran out in July.

The bill was written in such a way that they used it as some wall to hide behind when they knew they would never give any more benefits under Trump. Meanwhile, the leftist millionaire politicians practice the do as I say, not as I do pandemic politics. Their leaders go out to dinner breaking all the rules they impose on everyone else. They make trips to salons and in real-time Democrats destroy families, businesses, schools, and hospitals by starving them of the stimulus.

These evil and monstrous Democrats think you are stupid. They tell you that Republicans are blocking the emergency help. They say it was the right that blocked the Heroes Act. Well, that is true, however, Republicans offered more than once a straight bill that would cover unemployment, schools, small businesses, and hospitals. They told you that was not good enough, and their arm, the leftist press, helps with the propaganda.

Nancy and Chuck along with the usual suspects are doing the most damage I have seen done to this nation in my lifetime. This, along with their support of endless wars, has brought forth the most destructive era in modern times. These are evil people perpetrating evil acts against the working class of this nation. They will not stop; they will not change, and you blew a chance to do something about it in this last election. If you voted Democrat, well, shame on you. This is what you get.

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